Through intuitive geometric shapes I find abstract worlds in a quest to capture what is by definition intangible. The fascination for abstraction leads me to places that deliberately seem strange and surreal. I question how they could exist and in what kind of form. The need to look outside of the known three dimensions for a solution is how I try to shed light on the inaccessibility of that possible existence and make this possible existence accessible to myself and to the beholder. My intention is to appeal to an intuition beyond our sense of reality and make clear how limited our understanding of reality actually is.

The gap between what we can know and what is, between the concrete and the abstract, is like an unsurmountable canyon. It is exactly here that I am building a bridge. One for curiosity to cross and made of worlds of ‘what ifs’. The spaces that I create are therefore not about surrealism, or about something non-real. Instead, the worlds I’m looking for are about ‘what could be real’.

While each of these worlds stand on their own, they are also interconnected like building blocks of the same structure, expanding the bridge ever outwards over the canyon. The returning colors and shapes, lines, can be fit together as one big, multidimensional puzzle. Each work shows a different side to the same story and intuitively creates a world to understand the abstract. One world, where it’s ‘turtles all the way down’.